3D Measurement

3D Measurement – Optical Scanning

Defne Engineering provides high accuracy 3D scanning services for Geometrical Inspection, Quality Control, Benchmarking, Digitization, Reverse Engineering, Product Development and more.

Defne Engineering carries out reverse engineering studies of the fine details of small parts and all of the large parts and details with the optical and laser 3d scanning method, thanks to its optical scanning – 3D measurement systems, different fields of view with different resolution of cameras. 3D measurement and optical scanning of parts from 0,2 mm to 20 m can be made regardless of material type.

Our 3d scanning service

Reverse Engineering – Why is 3D measurement study needed:
  • The manufacturer has not produced a part for a long time and wants to produce it again,
  • The original design has insufficient documentation,
  • The original manufacturer of a product no longer exists, but customers need this product,
  • The original documentation of the product is lost or does not exist at all,
  • Some bad features of the product need to be redesigned,
  • Measuring the good features of the product based on long-term use of the product,
  • Analyzing the good and bad features of the competitor product,
  • Discovering new ways that will lead to results in improving the performance and features of the product,
  • Obtaining competitive benchmarking methods to understand competing products and develop better products,
  • The original CAD model is not sufficient for changes or current production methods,
  • The original manufacturer demands excessive fees to supply parts,
  • Updating outdated parts or old manufacturing processes with current, cheaper technologies

retroactive engineering provides solutions to such requests and problems.

Digitization systems are used as a technological convenience in solving these processes. The part is digitized through these systems and can be made ready for creating a CAD model.

When performing 3D measurement – optical scanning, measurements can be made without the need for any marking on the parts. In these measurements, which are made without using paper or marking in optical scanning, high quality results can be obtained in cases where there is no data loss and the data of the regions under the marks called index marks are important. For example, the markings used to measure a tile pattern using the optical scanning method will cause the pattern to be distorted in those areas.

Defne Mühendislik is able to complete such projects with high quality and precision by combining both its experience and the cutting-edge features of the systems it uses. A similar study was carried out with the 3D optical scanning method in fingerprint measurement. In studies carried out with this precision, the point cloud obtained as a result of optical scanning can be used directly in production without the need for any additional processing.

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