Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Our product design projects, which start at the idea stage, consist of concept design with experience and innovative approaches. The engineering design of the product or system for which the concept is created is carried out. The design phase is followed by prototype production, testing and validation phases. Value Engineering is the optimization of the features and processes of the product, starting from the idea stage and throughout its life, within the framework of cost benefit. Performed by Defne Engineering; In our Product Design, Product Development, Retrospective Engineering, Benchmarking projects

  • Quality
  • Sensibility,
  • Adaptation of innovations with innovation methods,
  • Ensuring differentiation,
  • assembleability,
  • ease of maintenance,
  • Design for production,
  • Cost reduction,
  • Ensuring performance and durability,
  • validation,
  • Simplicity in design and production,
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we provide added value with our work.

At this stage, the sub-components that will form the characteristics of the product throughout its life; Material, size, tolerance, color, ergonomics, production method, weight, durability, function, aerodynamics, static, dynamic,  sales, market, trend, marketing, maintenance, service have a certain cost value. Minimizing this value without sacrificing functions and quality ensures that its value is high for the manufacturer.

Our reverse engineering, product development, production and lean experiences enable us to create cost improvement opportunities from design to every stage of production.

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