With our Product Design and Product Development work since 2005, our experience of thousands of projects in different sectors enables us to add innovations to products with creative ideas and different approaches in new projects. Creative ideas and innovations are used in the product design process with the methodology of Triz and 3P methods, which are innovation methods. These methods and our problem solving and root cause analysis applications ensure that products are introduced to the market in a more creative, problem-free and timely manner. Our first stage of creativity innovation approach is based on the experience of projects completed without problems. In the projects we carry out in many different sectors, solutions to function, material, production method, assembly and maintenance problems help us develop the perfect product.

We apply the design, production, planning and process development experiences that Retrospective Engineering experiences have added to our company to the product and its life process. In this way, innovative ideas are reflected as innovation. Manufacturability, ease of assembly, maintenance and repair, and sustainability are the basic features of the product. One of the benefits of reverse engineering is knowing which problems can be solved with which approaches. This enables the formation of advanced innovative ideas in innovation applications. These approaches to design provide innovative approaches to marketing the product.

Our lean practices in production and design ensure that production progresses smoothly. The lean studies used in our company are based on the methods developed and implemented by Boeing. In this way, coordinated studies are provided with the defense and aviation sectors.

Innovation in design: TRIZ

Innovation studies begin at the concept development stage at the beginning of a product’s design work. The TRIZ method guides innovation efforts in the concept design or product development phase. The approaches and innovative idea generation methods brought by this method are developed with the help of TRIZ’s table of contradictions. The correct application of this table to a real project or the correct guidance of the methods it suggests can only be achieved with a team work with design and manufacturing experience.

Product production methods, material selection, mechanism and form designs, ease of assembly, maintenance and repair are achieved within a disciplined framework with innovative approaches and TRIZ. Innovation is used not only in design but also in all stages of the product’s life cycle. This enables the development of products with a sustainable market share.

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