Product Design and Product Development

Product Design and Product Development

Product Design and Product Development are two different concepts that usually involve a joint engineering, design and development work. As Defne Engineering, we discretize these concepts as follows and plan our work in this direction. With over 16 years of company experience since 2005, we have been transforming our work into mass production without any problems with a talented and creative team.

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Product design and product development can also be considered as complementary definitions. Our company defines Product Design studies as a process that starts from the concept design stage and includes mass production and even the product life cycle. As for product development, we use exactly what it means in Turkish. In other words, we define design and production focused work such as developing, renewing, and improving the cost of the existing product.

Joint studies on Product Design and product development are primarily research studies in which preliminary information such as market market research, user experiences (UX) and analysis of current and potential competitors will be obtained. If this preliminary information is analyzed correctly, the details and stages of the project to be worked on will be defined more accurately and in detail. These definitions determine what the problems to be solved are. How to solve problems is determined by experience. Working with different sectors enables us to offer creative solutions to problems. High quality sustainable products are developed as a result of patient, detailed work.

Problem Tanımlama ve Çözme Metodolojisi

Problem Definition and Solving Methodology

The most important success in problem solving is to define the problem in the most accurate way. In order to identify the problems in the most accurate way, field information is analyzed correctly and competitor products are examined and interpreted in detail. Our approach to product design and product development as a problem identification and problem solving methodology gives us the chance to create innovative, long-lasting, reliable products without mass or special production problems.

Problem Definition

Our engineering method for problem definition used in Product Design and Product Development studies is Backward Engineering – Reverse Engineering – studies. The entire infrastructure of the product that forms its identity, such as its physical properties, material, strength, production method, is examined and interpreted. At this stage, our experiences and detailed studies and the comments made form the basis of both design and development studies.

Problem tanımlama

As Defne Mühendislik, all our work is followed until the product goes into mass or special production without any problems. This approach enables us to work together with our customers on all their new projects.

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