The Siloam Inscription

The Siloam Inscription

Defne Muhendislik Ltd Sti. is established in 2005 to provide services for engineering projects such as reverse engineering, product design , 3-dimensional optical scanning, quality control  and prototyping  . Since its foundation providing engineering services to the key industry or subsidiary industries of  the automotive, defense industry , white appliances and similar  sectors. This paper is about creating a replica of Siloam Inscription projects.

Defne Muhendislik  provides services only  on project basis to all the sectors who are into product development and/or  improvement. Although they are able to do their own design , prototype or reverse engineering  tasks, firms  need  this kind of supports because of project schedule  and workload .They can get  this kind of support only from  a company  which  is the expert  in  its  field.

Defne Muhendislik  is expanding  the works about 3-dimensional scanning , reverse engineering , product design with its experienced engineer  by using 2 Breuckmann Opto-Top HE system, Rapidform, CATIA and Top Solid  software.  Differently from other works Defne Muhendislik, benefited from  the  gained experiences , carried out precision works in archaeology area.

Considering delicate and brittle nature of the historical artifacts  reproducing or getting a   replica is not possible for every  artifact. The Classical  method of getting a silicon mold  can damage the artifacts  and  prevents obtaining the desired  precision and details because of the unavoidable  air bubbles  and chemicals reactions. We  were able to  achieve  perfect results  without  touching the artifact  by using  a Breuckmann  System. Our gained experience and equipment was  enabled us  to carry out the measurements  for  the replica of the SILOAM inscription.

Siloam  inscription  was measured  with  Breuckman Opto_Top HE  optic  System. Acquired   point cloud  prepared  as polygon  data and  processed  for machinability to run with CNC. Appropriate  lens configuration and system  software parameters  settings  are made  for sticking to authentic SILOAM  inscription and transferring  the  time-related abrasion and the natural texture  on the artifact  into the  computer setting. Measurements, transferred into the computer, had to be processed  without  converting to any other format.  Post processing was done  only  by sticking to the raw data because conversion  of data  and the surface  formation  would lead  to the details to be lost. After this stage CAM data was  prepared  from the point cloud to generate tool  path .

During the CNC  operations,  high-speed  cutting is performed with as small as possible  diameter  tools  in order to bring out the details of the artifact  on to the  material of the model. After 144 hours  CNC operations ,  processed model   was  containing  not only the natural  information  but also all the details of the SLOAM inscription.

After the  process of transferring the inscription on to the model , colour and pattern  works are done by sticking to original artifact . In this  pattern work  super thin and strong paint is used so that  paint does not cover all the details  but at the same time it can provide necessary  colour .

As a result of working with the excitement of measuring 2700  yers old  historical artifact and the pride of adding positive value to the history, we achieved high customer satisfaction.

This artifact  which belongs to our country will not  be exposed to the risks anymore such as travelling long distances for  exhibitions.

About the inscription 

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